Monday, January 21, 2008

French Kiss

Step #1: Dont Freak Out!

So, you're thinking about French kissing. Step 1 is to keep calm. Nobody wants to French kiss somebody who is shaking, nervous, and tense. Relax, and your kiss will be so much better. I promise.

Step #2: There Is NO Wrong Way To French Kiss

A lot of people don't French kiss because they think that they'll mess up. There is really no way at all to mess up, unless you start knocking your heads together and/or trying to stick your tongue up their nose. Don't worry about messing up. Just keep calm, and youll do just fine, I promise.

Step #3: Always Be Ready

A French kiss can happen anytime, anywhere. Always make sure to have good breath (and great tasting!) if you're expecting a FK. And, if you just so happen to get a surprise kiss, keep relaxed (see step 1). And, for girls, dont wear too much lip gloss. Nobody wants to kiss slimy lips.

Step #4: Value Your Partner

You need to always be sure that you're French kissing the right person. Don't just make out with anyone willing to tongue lock with you. As long as your sure that its something you won't regret later, the I would suggest you do it. You dont have to be madly in love with them, although knowing their name might help.

Step #5: Know When It's Safe

Be careful, and aware, of the people around you. Some places, such as schools, don't allow PDA (Public Display of Affection. It sucks.). This could make it slightly harder to French kiss. Just make sure that nobody is will catch you (that is, if you're scared of getting caught), and you should do just fine.

Step #6: Close Your Eyes

I'm sorry, but its not really romantic to be looking into your partners eyes when French kissing, but sometimes, it is ok. Its so much better, though, to keep your eyes shut (If your looking out to make sure you dont get caught, thats fine, but dont left your guard down because you may end up getting caught.). Sometimes, however, it can be very passionate if you lock eyes. But, normally, its just plain creepy.

Step #7: Breath, Swallow, and Dont Rush
This is a very hard kissing step to remember, and perhaps its the most important. You have to be able to breath, and your nose should provide you oxygen during the kiss (if its not a long one, dont worry too much. If it's a long kiss, and you and/or your partner have a stopped up nose, you should take a breathing break ((Just don't call it a breathing break!)).) Now, along the lines of slobber, there is a lot of salvia between two mouths in a FK. If it gets too sloppy, you may have to swallow some of it. Do you think its gross to swallow his/her spit? Well, why are you frenching them in the first place? And try not to rush things. Don't jam your tongue into their mouth. Its not a very good idea. Changing from fast to slow and slow to fast paces make for a better FK. The only true time to be rough is when the mood is passionate, and in that case, anything goes!

Step #8: Placing The Hands

So, youre now in a FK. But where are your hands? Dont keep them frozen by your side. Your hands should be somewhere exploring your partner's body. Your hands can be anywhere, ranging from the lower back to cupping your hands in their face. Find a place that is comfortable for you. See, your hands arent totally useless in a French kiss!

Step #9: Get Lost In The Moment

When your kissing, don't think about anything but the kiss. Dont focus on what your going to be doing for lunch, or who's going to win the big football game. You know what I mean. Sometimes your thoughts will stray, but try to keep your mind on the moment.. Just kiss, and get lost in the kiss. Thats a key to the perfect FK.

Step #10: Know When To Stop

Every FK doesn't have to last forever (but the memory sure can!). That's why you have to know when to pull back. If your running low on air, just pull back because you have to breath to live. And stop kissing if you're scared of getting caught and/or may get caught. Do you want someone watching you kiss anyways?

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