Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder"

this is a lyrics from the song thunder by boys like girls..
in the first line of this lyrics " your voice was the soundtrack of my summer"
when singing and at the same time understanding this part. It came out to my mind that a lovers life will not be completed if the one he love is far away. It is supported in the second line "do you know your unlike any other?" this means that even though there are many girls around his heart only beats to the one he loves. in the fourth line "your eyes are the brightest of all the colors" it means that he really appreciate that girl, of all the beautiful things present in his life the girl is the most. Thats why in the last two line " So bring on the rain and bring on the thunder". This is how the guy really want the girl beside him. Even if it is summer and its impossible to rain and of all means the girl he love must be with him forever.

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